Matsushima area



The islands in Matsushima Bay change their appearance depending on the season, time of day, and point of observation, making them a true wonder of nature.

The four best spots to view the beautiful bay scenery are known collectively as Matsushima Shitaikan. The scenery viewed from each of the four spots has its own name, given by Mannen Funayama, a Confucian living in the Sendai domain during the Edo period: Mysterious View, Beautiful View, Dynamic View, and Gorgeous View. Each spot provides a distinctive scenic view of Matsushima Bay.

Matsushima Bay offers impressive scenery that is sure to leave an imprint on your heart.


Blessed with a bountiful marine environment, Matsushima Bay delivers up impressive catches of a wide variety of seafood.

Specially selected fresh bigeye tuna called “Sanriku Shiogame Higashimono” is an excellent product highly rated by fish brokers. Oysters and edible seaweed are other typical local delicacies. Sushi made using seasonal fresh fish is extremely popular.

In addition, the area is also blessed with fertile soil and lavish agricultural produce. Asian pears with a sweet, rich flavor called “Rifu Nashi” and products made using wild rice produced in Tagajo City are not to be missed.

Enjoy all the specialties derived from the rich natural environment of the Matsushima Bay area.

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