Sendai area



Various festivals are held throughout the four seasons, from the Aoba Festival and the Sendai Tanabata Festival, which are traditional Japanese festivals featuring beautiful, colorful costumes and decorations that color the city, to the Pageant of Starlight that beautifully lights up the winter night.

  • (Spring festivals)
    ・Sendai Aoba Festival
    ・Cherry-blossom viewing in Sendai
  • (Summer festivals)
    ・Sendai Tanabata Festival
    ・Summer fireworks displays
  • (Autumn festivals)
    ・Jozenji Streetjazz Festival
    ・Michinoku Yosakoi Festival
  • (Winter festivals)
    ・ Sendai Pageant of Starlight
    ・Sendai Hatsu-uri New Year Sales
    ・Donto Festival

Sendai is a historical city founded by the warlord, Date Masamune, who is said to be the model for the character of Darth Vader from the “Star Wars” movies.

With sites such as the Aoba castle ruins, which offer a superb view overlooking the streets of Sendai, and the magnificent Zuihoden mausoleum, which is also designated as a national treasure, the historic cityscape built with traditional Japanese techniques lives on today.

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