Matsushima Bay Area Cycle Tourism
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Matsushima Bay boasts amazing scenery, and is the recipient of a three-star rating from a globally respected travel guidebook. Around the bay are several distinctive features that reinforce this evaluation: Matsushima City, home to numerous temples, including the National Treasure Zuiganji Temple; Saga-kei Valley, featuring an indented coastline of white cliffs that contrast beautifully with the blue ocean they face; Shiogama Shrine, known for the oldest salt-making ceremony in Japan; and Shichigahama Beach, originally developed as a Westerners’ resort and now recognized as a signature beach of the Tohoku region. Matsushima Bay is located at the most westerly end of Ishinomaki Bay, and the area between Shiogama and Okumatsushima has a number of scenic spots. It is also well known as a top fishing ground for oysters and various other marine products, including deep-sea caught tuna. These videos and guidebook have been created to introduce the amazing Matsushima Bay area for touring by low speed, people- and eco-friendly bicycle. Discover the attractions of this area for yourself with the videos, and use the guidebook to plan a trip packed with great memories.

Matsushima Bay Area
Cycle tourism video

This video is produced by the same visual team that works on bicycle racing in Taiwan, with the aim of promoting the delights of the Matsushima Bay area to the world.

Short version (30 sec)

Full version (5 min)

Long version (15 min)

History and Café Tour (3 min)


Matsushima Bay Area
Cycle Tourism

This guidebook presents five model cycling courses for enjoying the Matsushima Bay area, covering all levels of cyclist from advanced to beginner. It also includes the cycling trip made in this area by Lee Rogers, a former member of the Continental team and a current cycling coach. This book will be a great companion either when preparing or actually on the road in the beautiful bay area. It contains QR codes for receiving detailed course information on your smartphone.