Seasonal Events in Matsushima Bay

The scenery of the three cities and three towns surrounding Matsushima Bay changes from season to season. The ever-changing beauty is simply spectacular.
Adding to the seasonal beauty in each place are various events, involving history, culture, seasonal delicacy, beautiful nature, and much more.
Why not visit these events filled with great appeal, and experience the four seasons of Matsushima Bay?

  • Shiogama City/April/Shiogama-sama Deities’ Flower Illumination / Sake brewery tour
  • Shiogama City/Fourth Sunday of April/Shiogama Citizens’ Festival
  • Higashi-Matsushima City/Early May/Jomon Experience: Special Week!
  • Shichigahama Town/The last Sunday in May/Aozora-ichi (Blue sky market)
  • Shichigahama Town/Yoshidahama Lion Dance
  • Matsushima Town/From June to the fourth Sunday in September (TBD)/Matsushima marche “Matsu-no-ichi”
  • Shiogama City/July 6/Moshioyaki Shinto Rites
  • Shiogama City/Mid-July – mid-August/Urato Katsurashima Swimming Beach
  • Tagajo City/Mid-July/Tagajo Beer Summit
  • Tagajo City/Around August/The Matsuri in Tagajo
  • Matsushima Town/Mid-August/Matsushima Bon Festival of the Sea
  • Shiogama City/Mid-September – late November/Master’s recommendation: Higashimono Tuna Festival
  • Shiogama City/Saturday and Sunday (2 days) in mid-October/Shiogama-sama Deities’ Moonlight / Sake brewery tour
  • Matsushima Town/Around the harvest moon season/Full Moon Festival at Kanrantei Tea House
  • Rifu Town/Mid-October/”Tofu-no-Sato Rifu” Festival
  • Higashi-Matsushima City/Late October/Oku-Matsushima Jomon Village Festival
  • Shichigahama Town/Early November/Bokke and Harvest Festival (temporary name)
  • Tagajo City/The third Sunday in November/Tagajo Citizens’ Market
  • Matsushima Town/November 23/Isojima Island Oyster Festival
  • Matsushima Town/Early November/Matsushima Industrial Festival
  • Shiogama City/December/Shiogama Newly-Brewed Sake Festival
  • Shichigahama Town/End of January/Asobusagozain Shichigahama de Oshogatsu